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Dear XX,
How those pictures of Lola tore my heart! I wished I had not looked this a.m. as I have lots of work to do today and now I am distressed. At least the tower will be unveiled eventurally!The city cut a street tree in front of my next door neighbor's house. It was Legustrum Japonica (not beautiful in itself) but it served a beautiful purpose. Very thick and bushy, it was a "roost Tree" Many birds slept in it but from Sept to April, migrating white crown sparrows slept in it and at dusk, as they flew in--I estimated 400 of them--they settled down and began an evening seranade--our birdy friends would come over just to hear them!One day I saw a truck with a chipper there--I knew that the old lady who lived in the house wanted the tree cut down--she had nothing to do but to call the city every week for years. I ran out and climbed the tree, looked down and said if you want to cut this tree--guess you'll have to call the police. Now this is a small conservative town and they had never seen anything like this--so they said, Oh we weren't going to cut it anyway, it has a bird's nest in it. I became infamous to the director of street trees--who get this--was by profession an asphalt contractor!Well, of course the sad end to the story is about a year later, they came back while I was at work and cut down the tree. That evening when all the birds came back it was chaos--much like Lola trying to do what was right--hundreds of birds flying in cirlces, some crashing to the ground--cats taking advantage of the situation. It was as if I came home and found my house burned to the ground. The hummingbird flew into our olive tree and late at night I could hear him sadly calling in distress.As you can imagine I was bawling--some of the neighbors had applauded me for climbing the tree the year before. The old lady who lived in the house came out and screamed what is wrong with you. I replied "I hate living in Camarillo and I can't move!" She stopped speaking to me--which was great because she had always called on me to drive her places and take care of her.At least in a place like LA I would have had people helping me to tree sit.I am thrilled that you took down those stupid signs--I am sure they knew it was you! It is like they just said, "we'll show you to complain about illegal activities--we'll make it legal!" How can they just change the rules like that?I take down signs too and sometimes write in my own words on them--like adding NO above the allowed.
Bless you!
Betty J. in tree hating Camarillo

I thought you would get a kick out of this the way I did. I was home sick from work last week and bundled up on the couch with two dogs and two cats watching discovery channel and a show came on about Raptors and War Planes. I thought “how ridiculous” but being a big fan of raptors I thought I would give it a minute. Well it was a half an hour of physics describing how raptors fly, hover, soar, dive bomb, bank and all the other amazing things they can do. They used slow motion to show how they are able to shift their tails, back, wings, head etc, all the take advantage of the wind and it’s ever changing nature, and to master flight in ways that no machine ever could. They then showed how their wing feathers diminish drag, and compared all these features to those of the current flock of war planes in development and in the end proclaimed whole heartedly that man would never be able to replicate the talent of the bird.

I could have told them that. All they needed to do was check out a few stinkers....


Simone in Glendale, CA.


Hi Lincoln: Here in Chicago I look at your website everyday to see what birds are in Central Park. I would send my favourites to my parents in Boston. Before my mother passed away, her greatest pleasure was sitting at her kitchen window watching the New England birds. She loved the pictures I sent her from your site, and even near the very end she was really worried about whether Pale Male Jr's baby would be returned to the park. Luckily, I was able to tell her that the baby was happily home.

Yesterday I introduced a good friend to your website. Matthew, age 8, is a city kid but was totally enthralled by Pale Male and his "wife". He spent an hour picking a favourite picture from your archives and putting it on his computer desktop.

Anyway, your website has meant so much to me for such a long time that I thought it was time I wrote to tell you.

Best Wishes,

Jocelyn M. *******************************************************

I was wondering if they are going to do anything about Palemale and Lola's nest structure?? I hope so......If not....Maybe if we all send letters or e-mail....

I know you're busy...Maybe you could post a note about it on your site.

Thanks...And as always...Thank you for all of the beautiful photos.

Your friend, Dee :-)


Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and updates on Pale Male and his family. I am not from NYC but from Amsterdam, NY. I was brought up with the beauty and respect for nature. I moved down here just six years ago and miss the animals that I saw upstate and sort of took for granted that I would have them all the time. Seeing your website, which I looked for after I saw the incident on the nest removal, I found the place to monitor the two spectacular birds. I look thru your site daily and just thought I would write you a small "thank you" email for taking the time to show the world that there is so much beauty in what surrounds us. Also, thank you for the article on the Carriage Horses. Being from out of the area, I was not familiar with these rides, after reading the mistreatment of the horses, I can skip that part of NYC. Take care and I thank God that "Junior" is alright after the balcony incident. Have a great day and again thank you for bringing a little bit of the upstate country back into my life.

Carol L. C. Assistant ATR-SE


I have become a regular visitor to your web site, and think your dedication and love of the hawks and other wildlife in Central Park is terrific. However, I must take issue with you about efforts to control the Canada Geese. Why would you think it is part of nature’s plan and fine for hawks and other hunters to kill pigeons, squirrels and other animals and birds, but if, in the lack of any other natural predators, man tries to humanely limit the number of geese to prevent the many problems that a growing Canada Geese population causes, they should be castigated and abused.

Nature in its wisdom has ways to control various populations so that the environment remains in a balance between hunters and prey, plant life and herbivores. However, when man upsets that balance, and one or more species is no longer controlled by “natural” means, it is proper for man to try to restore that balance. It is not only humans that suffer when the Canada Geese population explodes – they also exclude other species that should be able to survive in Central Park.

Bill B., Manager NY, New York


you are as amazing as our feathered friends. I have been in Santa Fe for 4 months now and have not seen one single hawk - I live out in open land and can see a hundred miles in every direction, and not one single hawk - despite rabbits and rodents galore.......go figure. You have been a wonderful connection to their beautiful species and I love visiting with them and you every day. I am so homesick for Maine and New England and will be back for a few weeks this fall and maybe move back to Maine. Those hawks are a miracle in that place so dominated by humans. Maybe their kin have plenty out in the far fields here. I hope so, I just think it's strange that I haven't seen any - plenty of bluebirds and other wonderful birds, but no hawks. Maybe the coyotes get all the critters. Thanks for all you do - it is marvelous and so appreciated.

Best, Barbara Carr


This is Ofer from Roosevelt island. Glad to see in your site that you relocated Stinker, enjoy him!

Did you see the Roosevelt Island newspaper? The bird is on the front page, they say he may be a descendant of pale-male but that they cannot be sure…

Also thanks for arousing my son’s interest in birds. Unfortunately, he is a little scared of most animals (I think it is due to an encounter with a dog when he was small) except for birds.

He really likes birds, and has now checked out a ‘New York City bird guide’ from the library and is looking for birds in our neighborhood. Thank you for that!

Stay in touch,



Dear Lincoln,

So! The STINKER had a little adventure and decided to go home! It was so good to see the baby in photos you took this morning at the park. I was lucky to have an opportunity to observe such a beautiful creature so close on that Friday. Without your continuous efforts to share your special experiences, I don't think I felt the way I did when I first saw that hawk perched on that fence. The fact that the hawk looked somewhat familiar to me made the encounter something special, I believe. Cat, dog. Sure!! But, hawk? Thank you for sharing something very special. Love, Michiko