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Last winter I visited Greenwood Cemetery last to pay respects at my friend's grave. This was a sad time but I smiled as I stooped to pick up a red-tail hawk feather on the lawn not far from her final resting place.

How ironic but strangely fitting that the kindest place for wildlife might be a place full of dead human beings which leaves other non-human beings to flourish in peace.

Thanks for the fabulous photos, as usual.

Hope you checked out the loud and colorful monk parrots in their "condo" at the main gate.

All the best, Katherine


i was away for 2 days so i missed my daily dose of pale male and lola. i am so happy to hear you will stick with it for awhile. your pictures of the chicks at this time of year are absolutely mind blowing. i love seeing those little innocent babies. seeing how mom and dad tend to them amazes me too. it's a beautiful time of year. please enjoy the beautiful weather, your beautiful friends and know that you are loved and appreciated by so many. enjoy this beautiful time of year and take some time for yourself to just enjoy and smell the roses. my sincerest best wishes for you,

laura b.


I so marvel at how you can get such beautiful pics from such a distance. The chicks are precious. Thank you again for giving me such a peaceful beginning to my day. Please don't stop photographing these fantastic creatures.

Mary Lou San Jose CA


dear Mr. Lincoln, I'm an italian birdwatcher, and I know yr pictures and yr thoughts about Pale Male, Lola, and wild birds and animals of NY through an italian forum of nestcam watchers .. we watch our own nestcams of peregrines and kestrels but we give a look also to all known webcams or sites all over the world, mainly of raptors but not only. We overall love yr pictures and the poetry of yr thoughts .. you are one of our favorire sites... one of us posts regoularly yr messages and pictures .. so I read there yr message and the following words made me sad and now I'm sending you this message in teh hope not to disturb you .. "I honestly do not think I can continue what I do for much longer. It is true I get a lot of mental support from people at home and around the world but unfortunately I have neglected a great many things over the past few years that makes carrying on like this very difficult. I will try to continue as long as I could but please know that this site’s days are numbered" this took me to cry ... I really felt yr depression.. which I often feel when I see the huge amount of damages we do to nature and animals... Pls Mr Lincoln don't give up... it it so human to be descouraged.. but we all animal and nature lovers can't give up... this may be is a lost battle... but we have to fight it up to our end... nature, birds and poetry as well need our partecipation despite low faith in a successful ending may be.. And any person giving up this faith is a person less in the fight agaist people like which you mentioned above... Pale Male is a wonderful bird as well as Lola but it was yr love and yr way to look at him that made us partecipate to this wonder and him so beloved all over the world... We love this very special hawk because you let us, even in the far Italy, watch him and appreciate all the wonder of this... The more we loved him the more we appreciated yr work... and yr words are so beatyful too and made us so touched and thanks them we love being part of this world. Even if here there are a lot of worse things and worse peoplen, but there are still such wonders to know! I hope to read messages from you again, I hope you will find in our love and in your own the necessary energy to continue... for you, for Pale Male, but mainly for all of us that cannot accept the sadness to see this light in our lifes disappear Please accept a big kiss from me and forgive me for my bad english.

Roxy Rosanna Della Coletta, venetian area, Italy


I am glad you have had a change of heart and that you are doing your fine work. We are all sad that palemale and lola did not have babies again but they are healthy and other babies are thriving. I look forward every morning to open palemale's site to see the beautiful hawk events that you bring to us.

Thank you. Marti

Please, don't give up! We need you!!!

Ciao by Sonia - Bologna Italy

Niseema-Loredana Rome, Italy

Glenda Taccone Gallucci

Stefania (Roma)

I am a user from the forum and I always appreaceate your job with the pale male in NYC ...I just read you are going into trouble, I don't know why, I just only want to tell you is....Lincoln, please, don't give up! We need you!!!!!!!!!

Best wishes Alessandra ("aleali" from


I hope you never stop doing what your doing. Selfishly, when I come homefrom a stressful day, or when I need a time out from work, I go to yourwebsite and it always makes me feel peaceful. Your work is beautiful and youare a true friend to the animal kingdom.

Robin MColumbus, OH


I just had to write a special thank you for today's photos. I'm pleased to see that you're moving around the boroughs to the various nests.

When I saw the Green-Wood Cemetery photos today, I thought my heart would burst. The mother with her chicks are so beautiful and adorable!!!

Be well, Love, Joan


Just a short note to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting with you and sharing one of our Brooklyn hawk families. The weather turned out great, Lincoln's photos on are excellent and I'm sure that the sequel film will be as good as the first.

I haven't spent a lot of time in Green-Wood Cemetery (that's actually how they capitalize the letters) over my 6 or so years of hawk-watching. I probably never would have predicted that some day I might find myself lying on my back, next to a tombstone, staring up at a Red-tailed Hawk nest. Should I be reading something into this? ;-)

Cheers, Rob

The City Birder Weblog


Thank you so much for going out of your way this week to get pictures of other baby RTH's. I think it did you good to get away from Palemale and Lola for a few days.

We all feel awful that the eggs did not hatch this year, but we are also thankful to you for showing Palemale and Lola and the other animals in Central Park to us everyday.

Linc, the world is not perfect. There is only so much each of us can do each day for the ones we care about.

Take care and once again Thank You. Karla in Houston


Yeaaaa! Go Lincoln! I'm so happy that you will continue your wonderful photos of the lives of PM, Lola and the other redtails (too many to name!) Yes!!! I think that your visits to the other nests and seeing the little stinkers is really healing for you. New life = new life. You are one great man! Love ya, Carla, DC


To those who give us the beautiful photographs of Pale and Lola and the other wonderful critters we see........Thank You!!! I too am saddened for Palemale and Lola and their well protected eggs that have not brought forth new life this year. I wonder sometimes if all the changes a while back with the desstruction of their nest and then being rebuilt could have stressed them enough to create this problem. I am overjoyed at the delivery of a new chick for Pale Male Jr. and Charlotte. The nest seems to be in a precarious position (to me), but with great care their baby will fledge as it should. I appreciate all the efforts you make to bring us the "peace" of their world. I get such pleasure in looking at the photos......again THANK YOU!!

Yvette M.


I'm so glad you've decided to stay and keep on with your wonderful website.Like so many countless others, you've made me aware of the beauty of ourmagnificent hawks and the many wonderful creatures we're so privileged toshare our park with. Because of you I see the nobility you see in asparrow. You are the only person I know who could take a picture of a ratand see its true lovableness. I thank you for raising my consciousness,Lincoln, and for the sheer beauty you've so diligently and generously sharedwith us. Yes, it's painful to see the horses across from the park all shackled andnot allowed to run free, and it hurts to see the sadness and resignation in Pale Male and Lola'seyes. If it hurts me, how must it hurt you! As much as we appreciate thehawk experts who have shared their knowledge with us, they can keep tellingus that hawks don't have emotions, etc., but we know the truth when we lookinto the knowing yet innocent eyes of these great creatures. You know, I'm the mother of an adult autistic son, and my newfoundappreciation of the park and all its creatures extends to him as well. Myson loves the hawks and the many beautiful birds we see, but I think hisfavorite is Little Red. Now whenever we visit the park, he always wants togo by the Locust Grove and visit her. My son says Little Red "runs likemusic". I didn't know what he meant until last Sunday when we went by tolook for her. When he saw her cute little rhythmic hopping run, my sonshouted "There, you see she runs like music!" I could see what he meant and we were both happy! But we wouldn't have even been there if it hadn't been for you! Lincoln, as one of your other admirers said, please take care of yourself. For your sake, I'm glad you're getting around the city to experience the joyin the other nests. While it doesn't erase our sadness for Pale Male andLola, I hope it will be healing for you and us to see the other fuzzy littlewhite "stinkers" with their loving parents. You know, as a caretaker, I need to be reminded to take care of myself -otherwise I'm no good to my son who needs me. So Lincoln, please do onlywhat you can do and be good to yourself. It's good you expressed your feelings to us all, and I'm glad people havelet you know how much you mean to them. If I'm late in expressing this,then please let me thank you for the unique way you've enriched the lives ofmy son and me.

Very sincerely, Trudy W.


Was out of touch with a computer for a few days and read with horror that you were thinking of no longer doing what you do the best - amazing photos and wonderful thoughts and commentary. Then, thank goodness, I read where you're NOT ready to give it up due to all of us who love and appreciate every thing you do, and do SO well.

Thanks again for everything and I'll look forward to your ongoing work. Forget those unknowing black tie snobs and anyone who doesn't appreciate the wonders of nature - and probably nothing much else either.

Take care and many thanks,

Betsy W.


Thank you sooooo very much for reconsidering your thoughts of the other day. I'm sorry I was not one of those who frantically wrote and pleaded with you to not end your daily Pale Male and Lola picture show. I was disheartened but didn't get around to writing. There is no better way to start a day that to access your website and see the glorious pictures of Pale Male, Lola, Red and all the other wonderful creatures you photograph. My heart breaks for Pale Male and Lola at not being able to raise chicks the past 3 years but it is nice to hear about Jr. and Charlotte and their new chick. Please keep the pics coming!

Mary Lou in San Jose CA

We all really enjoy your marvelous pictures of documenting the two national treasures of our city. You are the true biographer of the only two Red Tail Hawks in this century, and they have become international treasures for the world at large. Thank you. My only suggestion is for your outlook in your private life, and for your mental health. I would suggest you adopt two small birds you can talk to when you get home,and learn how to chirp so that your verbal self-perceptions don't hurt you. This should put a smile on your face, and others also. Start chirping now Lincoln.

All my best, Robin


Keep up the great work, Lincoln. I tell everyone I know to visit your site.


We are all so thankful that you have decided to continue with your wonderful coverage of Pale Male, Lola and all the Critters of NYC. I hope you now realize what a life saving service you are providing to thousands of folks around the nation and the world on a daily basis. Please keep up the great work, and know that your efforts are appreciated.

As for our shared disappointment that Pale Male and Lola were not able to hatch their first clutch again this year, I think the total affection that they have shown for each other and their amazing commitment to the task of parenting despite these obvious setbacks should be an inspiration to us all. If we so-called Human Beings were to conduct our own lives with as much discipline and careful devotion to the future of our own species as do these magnificent Hawks, both our world (and theirs) would be a much better place.

Maurice M. Mount Vernon, VA


I am thrilled that you have recondsidered your decision to discontinue this site,. That's certainly great news for all of us who love coming here. This is such a special site.

Thank you for the photos of other NYC redtails. It was great to see the little babes and to know that they are doing well. Of course no one can take their photo as you do. Every day those photos are as amazing as they are beautiful.

Sue P.


I wanted to tell you of the joy that you have brought to me for the last 2 years. Everyone I work with knows about Pale Male because of my interest in your site. I change out my desktop wallpaper with new pictures from your web site every week. I very much enjoy the pictures of Pale Male and Lola, and other Central Park friends, such as the little red squirrel and the baby squirrels.

I also eagerly watched an eagle cam from a power company in Maine. This year was not a good year for the Great Bald Eagle mother, who so lovingly sat for days on her nest. A horrific storm pounded that area, and the chicks were lost at 2 days old. It hurt my soul so badly, but I still had your web site to bring happiness to me.

I know that keeping the site is a tremendous amount of work, and you deserve to do with your spare time what you wish. However, you bring so much joy into the lives of others, there would be a huge hole in the universe if your web site and pictures were gone.

Please consider keeping the web site for those of us who are very attached to Pale Male and Lola.

Sincerely, Connie Fry


I want to say how much pleasure your photographs provide. You give us a magical look at a magical world, and I am very grateful. Many thanks for all that you do.

Best wishes.

Victoria G. T. New York, NY


Yea…………. I can understand anyone getting very upset at the way things are going for all wildlife in the world. It is so disturbing and seems we, personally, cannot do much to help. Sometimes I can’t bear to read or see all the bad news. Your intimate involvement with Pale Male, Lola and all the hawks, not to mention the beautiful other wild creatures you show us makes you more vulnerable to these feelings. But, the plus side is - the impact you have on all those who write to you, and those who don’t, is priceless and extremely positive. You ARE able to do something and we love you for it. Pale Male and Lola and Lincoln Forever. I think you should incorporate as a non profit and take donations to help defray your costs.

Margaret R.


Well, hope springs eternal. I saw the baby for the first timetoday!!!!!. It is very fuzzy and adorable and definitely alive and well(at least I hope). It is sitting very close to the opening though, so Ihope to heaven that it doesn't fall out the window. I was so thrilledtoday!!!!! I can't tell if there is more than one. The baby is at theedge and Charlotte keeps pecking at the nest so it could be anotherchick or food who knows!! Those binocs really helped. I now need to try to get you in here totake some more pictures. I haven't spoken to my boss yet since it isnot a good time right now. However, maybe next weekend we could do something. This weekend is not good. I will keep watch and circle backto you!!! Wow!!!!!!!! Take care and I hope you are well. How is Pale Male doing?

Roberta H. E.


It was a pleasure to meet you when you visited Fordham. I have been a longtime admirer of your work and after looking at the photos of Hawkeye andRose (the two Fordham Hawks) that you posted, it only affirms my amazement.I will continue to check your site as your photos are simply the best ofany of the posted NYC raptor sites. I hope that our paths cross again andif you would like I will keep you posted on the progress of the three Fordham chicks.

Best, Rich F.

Professor, Political Science Department