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I meant to write yesterday to say how much I enjoy and appreciate yourPale Male and Lola site. It's the first site I visit each day. I'd like to join in the chorus of 'thanks' for your hard work and loyalty to these magnificent birds.

Thank you, Sylvie


I was so heartbroken to read of your discouragementand the thought that you could not continue yourwonderful work. Then my heart lifted when I read allthe letters of support and know that they have givenyou the strength to continue.I don't think you realize how many lives you havetouched by your selfless work. I visit your siteeveryday and it gives me such a lift. I have beengoing through a very difficult time during the past 3years and I could always count on your photographs ofthe magnificent hawks.Stay strong Lincoln. You have many friends standing by you.

Nancy J., Brooklyn, CT


I am so glad that you are keeping the website up.. I am always looking forward to see pictures of Pale Male and Lola every single day, hoping that'd they would have babies but that's ok.. Pale Male may be just old. But I love to see his offsprings that has mate and is producing many many and many grandchildrens for Pale Male to carry on his legecy, that is all that matter and plus with you doing this it helps other people appreciate red tailed hawks. When I saw one flying in the sky from my back yard ( I'm in Florida, originially from CT) and I thought of Pale Male.



I had intended to send you an email when I read your posting about thepossibility of this sites days being numbered. Today, I was glad to seethat others feel the same as I do. I love your site! I visit iteveryday. I have made others aware of your site. You make the world abetter place, Lincoln. When I read your comments about what people say,or when you see people who let their children harass the ducks andpigeons I understand how you feel. I know that rage of wanting to defendthe innocense that god has placed here for ALL of us to enjoy. I try notto get angry over the atrocities committed against nature. Thosecountries who slaughter whales, the factory fur farms, the slaughterhouses, the horrific clubbing of baby seals....I mean it is endless. Butit is someone like you who gives me hope, who brings me the gift of themagnificense of Palemale and Lola and all the other sweet, wonderfulcreatures you photograph. You are their angel to all ofthem. I really believe you are fulfilling your duty on this planet andthat is to stand up for nature and bring the joy to those of us whoappreciate and I bet open the eyes and change the attitudes of others.This site is a part of my day every morning. As a matter of fact, somemany people I know now point out to me everytime they see a hawk sittingon one of the freeway lights. It all goes back to you, Lincoln. Becauseof you I make hawks a part of my day and in turn others appreciate themas well. I see them all the time and I believe I have my own Palemaleand Lola here in Austin, Tx. I see them often. I always bless them andall the other animals I am so blessed just to see. I even appreciate thegrackles who so many people seem to despise here. I appreciate thepigeons who so many view as a pest. How could any animal be a pest? Thatattitude is because humanity refuses to see who the real pest is becauseof our arrogance that we are the superior species. If we were thesuperior species.....then we would be living in harmony with nature andsharing this planet equally with all the wonderful animals and creaturesthat live here as well. God Bless you and please keep this site going. It brings me joy, somuch joy. I don't know you, but I wish I did. Maybe one day I will getto meet you. I love you. You are a great man and you have so manyadmirers and friends out here. And so do Palemale and Lola. I love themso much! Peace on Earth!!!!



Your exquisite pictures bring a smile to my face every day. Thank you for your efforts.

Linda Martin, Denver, CO


To learn today that your feelings of frustration and anger have lifted since your "bad day" on Monday has made everyone who cares for you so happy!!!!!

We need special people like you to continue to be there for the animals, birds, ...and us.

Best wishes for a wonderful day!

Love, Joan Corr


When I read your page the other day, it made me cry! I am so glad you're feeling better about things now -- I wanted to write to you at the time, but I was so sad I somehow couldn't come up with any words. Your photos are like nothing I've ever seen before. I really don't know how you get such extraordinary pictures -- maybe you just have more love for the hawks than anyone else in the world. Long may you continue! Thanks so much, Deirdre (from the palemale myspace). PS. Thanks so SO much, also, for letting me use your wonderful photos on the myspace! I used the one of Charlotte and her chick today -- it is so beautiful! PPS Over on the myspace, some people want to start a petition to get some scientists to examine Pale Male and Lola's eggs. I'm assuming the NYDEP would be the place to go -- is there anybody in particular you think we should contact? I know you're very busy and probably can't reply to all the e-mails you get, but if you think this is a foolish idea, could you just write me a "NO!" I won't be at all offended! ~ Deirdre (for all your other friends at myspace -- you've got hundreds!)


Let me add my thanks for all you do! I'm so glad you got so much validation through all the fans of your work .Every day you inspire many in their love of nature and it's beauty and strength.It would be devastating to lose your site and all it has to teach us and future generations.Nature can be cruel at times but ,in perspective,it is all part of a balance that is needed. Wishing you the best in future endeavors, Liz on long island


I'm sorry you have felt so discouraged recently over people's reaction toPale Male, Lola, and the other animals. It's truly a shame that peoplecannot appreciate God's creatures the way you do. As far as I'm concerned,your photographs cheer me every day, as I'm sure they do countless others aswell. I hope you find the strength in continuing this unique web site forour sake. I can never figure out how you get so many beautiful photographsof all the animals, but I can assure you, they are appreciated more than youwill ever know. Losing this site would just be a damned shame. I live in Normal, Illinois, and the most exotic animals we see are thechipmunks in our yards. They are so entertaining. Someone asked me oncewhat was a favorite sound of mine. I had to say that it's the sound ofwaking up each spring and summer morning to the sound of chirping birds. Ican't think of a lovelier sound. So to watch your pictures of Pale Male andhis family is truly wonderful. Please try and continue the web site as longas you can. Whenever you are discouraged, know that there are countlessothers who appreciate your devotion to it. I believe everyone has a specialpurpose, and I think yours is bringing the lives of these beautifulcreatures to our attention so we can appreciate them. Best of luck and peace, Betsy Cole


I think, it’s time to do, what I wanted to do for a long long time: Tell you, what a wonderful site it is. Please excuse my very bad English and the lots of mistakes on my part. I’m writing to you from germany, where the movie “Palemale” was shown four years ago. Since this time, we are crazy about Palemale, his “First Love”, Lola, Charlotte, all the others – and your site with the best pictures, we’ve ever seen, the touching comments and the love you give to the birds.

Some of your pictures make us believe, that they know about you. The lots of small views, they give you… We are very sad with you and the situation and we were really shocked about your comments two days ago. You must be affected and we feel with you. Every day it is the same ritual at home: In the evening, when we sit together and talk about the day, my husband asks at first: What’s going on with Palemale? He had the idea, that you could smuggle a fertile egg (from Charlotte?) into the nest – not a really good answer to the problem, we know. I had the idea, that they are infertile, because someone had given the pigeons a birth control pill (you know, in germany they do that). We think, that your plan to research an egg, is great – we hope that you get help.

You see, we are helpless, but we suffer with you all day. Most people are not able to sense the nature. And it’s great for us to see that there are humans like you. So we hope that you feel a little better. Your photos are amazing – they talk so much, they are not only pictures from reality and not only technically pure, but also show character – thank you for watching them!

If you are planning a trip to germany – let us know. We can gladly see ourselves giving you back a little pleasure you give us all day – even if our hearth is breaking these days. We invite you to watch all the birds, hedgehogs, squirrels and raves that live in our garden (you know: germany has to offer not really the amazing animals as the usa – but also the little thing can give small wonderful moments like your site shows every day).

We send you our best greetings Anja and Jörg from germany


I have often visited Palemale's website, but only wrote to you once before. When I visited this morning, and read of your frustration, I wanted to add my voice to the many I have just read about. Your photography is amazing and yes, many of the pictures have brought tears of joy to my eyes. I am glad you have decided to keep on with the website; it is truly appreciated and is so unique. We have many species of birds in our back yard and want to do a wildlife habitat. We also see a pair of redtail hawks this year in our neighborhood. And we do have a lake in our area. Please know your work is appreciated!

Carmen Cook, North Augusta, SC




I have been a regular visitor to your site for years. The quality of you photos is surpassed by none. Your eye for NY's wild creatures has made me watch my wild urban neighbors more closely. We regularly watch the red-tailed hawks in Providence and my husband even saved one trapped in our building.

I read your May 7th post with some concern. You sounded so discouraged and pondering whether you should stop the photos and the site. I wanted to beg you to keep going- but realizing how truly selfish that is I said nothing. Mostly, I want you to do what is right for you. For along time you have selflessly given others so much joy that you deserve a rest or, a life away from the Model Boat Pond.

Whatever you decide to do, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the photos, the musings and your vigilance over NY most noble citizen.

I also encourage you to let you visitors know of there is something that we can do to help- I know my husband and I value your contribution to the world and would like to support your efforts.

With my warmest regards, Melanie


We met you sunday the 29th of april in Cental Park. We were the couple from the Netherlands with the 2 girls and you gave us some beautiful pictures. A few minutes after we left you we saw the hawks flying above there nest and later on we saw Lola landing on her nest. We are so glad that we met you and that you were willing to tell us your and there story. If we didn't we wouldn't have notice the hawks and missed it all. Thanks for your time and we wish you a lot of succes with making beautifull pictures. I visited your website and I was realy surprised about the beautiful pictures. We look more often so we can follow the hawks in Central Park from the Netherlands.

Best wishes,

Bart, Thea, Marissa & Kelly Wehl, the Netherlands


As much as I LOVE Palemale Male and Lola (and I do love them), It has been great to see other hawks nests in the city or anywhere for that matter. It's great to see the babies!! Thank you for all the work you do to bring us such amazing pictures. Please keep up the GREAT work. Thank you for bringing the birds into my life.

Sincerely, Kristine from Michigan


I just wanted to comment on your statement regarding banding of the birds. For some years, we had a pair of nesting peregrine falcons high over the East River. As you note, fledging was always a difficult time and a number of chicks were rescued from dangerous locations, including one taken in a NYC taxi to the Animal Medical Center for attention. After the eggs hatched, people from the Cornell University Peregrine Center crawled out on the 24 story ledge to band the nestlings. These bands have enabled the researchers to follow the birds as they grew up and established themselves in other locations. This type of research enables species to be preserved from the dangers of living amongst us. The peregrine come back is a success story, hopefully soon to be followed by the bald eagle and other species. Keep up the great photographs. Your web site helps keep us all balanced.

Sincerely, Jean St. Germain


I have been viewing your website for approximately 5 years. You, my friend, have given an incredible gift to your viewers and to those beautiful creatures you photograph. While your heart breaks because these majestic creatures are not procreating, mine breaks daily as I trap, neuter and return feral cats throughout Central Virginia wishing they didn’t have the means to procreate! It hurt my heart to see that picture of Pale Male and Lola with their heads together looking heartbroken. I felt their pain and yours. However, those two little chickadees have an awful lot to be proud of! They have children and grandchildren! Maybe this is God’s way of giving them a break so they can enjoy their retirement!

Please do not give up! Please keep fighting the big fight. There aren’t enough people in this world who care about creatures other than themselves and those of us who do care, have to sit back and cry once in a while, pull ourselves up again, and get our hind-ends back out there! For every human life you touch and reach, that is one more who is willing to spread the word, educate, and lend a helping hand to our furry and feathery friends.

Hang in there! We need you! We need your website!

Colleen O'Keefe Cole