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I so want to believe this might yet happen. I do believe it will happen!

Please do not give up.



You are awsome !!! (addressed to Palemale)


Dear Lincoln,
Precious time spent together yesterday and such a gift, you have given us. LaraBird said " I will never forget this day" We went to the Botanical gardens in Brooklyn early this morning and LaraBird was delighted to be "capturing the moments with the flowers" we even managed to get to school on time at 12.30pmI will send a few photos of today, when I get to my computer. Look forward to being with soon Love, keryn and Lara Bird.

Keryn Lowry


You are my second stop on the internet each morning. First stop is my Son-in-Law Kevin Keyes unit's web site in Samara Iraq. Thankfully they are all days away from returning home so you will shortly become my first stop.

Have you been to Greenwoods Cemetery lately to see how that hawk family is doing? I have walked that cemetery several times with my grandchildren. It is truly a beautiful and serine place and I am happy that these wonderful birds have found a home there.

Thank you for your wonderful caring and beautiful pictures of New York's Finest, and I don't mean the police!

Lue in CT


Thanks for including a picture of the pond and the bench where we sit to see our dear friends when we are in NYC; how I wish we were there now! Thanks also for the absolutely georgous photos of all of these creatures. How is it that we are in LOVE with these birds? Lucky us! OXOGMB


I am saddened that the eggs, so far, have not hatched. But I am grateful toyou for the words and pictures on this site. Pale Male and Lola and all theothers you photograph, are extraordinary beings. Bless them all. Thank you so much!Jeanne


I wonder if you will ever consider writing a book about the Hawks? I enjoy reading your comments every day. Could you tell me, what is the life span of a Hawk?


As another season goes by and we all watch those determined beautiful hawks try to bring new life into the world I'm sure now more questions are going to be turned once again as to " now what went wrong"? Is it Pale Male's age or is it still that nest structure causing an issue? On Marie Winns sight back in early March she published the picturse of the crew taking out the spikes that were intruding into the nest bowl and it seemed that all was good and that 2008 would be the year for babies to hatch. I went to your sight and found your August 2007 letter describing what work really needed to be done to the nest to be properly viable for the hawks, was all that described work ever done by the workers when they were at the nest earlier this year?

There has to be some answers as to why there has been constant failure now since the original nest was taken away in 2004. Was this structure designed to cause failure on purpose so the hawks would eventually just leave the area?? You show hawks with nests in obscure places everyday and they are successful. These wonderful hawks work night and day to bring life into this world and it's heartbreaking to watch what has happened to them again and how much longer is it going to take to get it right for them to carry on the legacy that has been built. Something needs to be done and people held firmly responsible once and for all.

One of your many heartbroken fans..



Hi - this morning I watched with Nabile ( and it looked like the mom might have been feeding babies. Nabile will post his photos tonight. Several passers-by said that they heard soft sounds coming from the nest and one woman said that she was watching with her binoculars yesterday and saw tiny beaks. I don't know - but ....maybe it's so.


Leslie Day

****************************************************************************** 4/23/2008

My girlfriend and I have followed your blog regularly since we discovered it a few months ago. I wanted to tell you that your words today were truly inspired and fit wonderfully with your series of Pale Male and Lola. Your final line was the coup de grace. There are, indeed, many ways to inhabit this city and this world, but I think you're right in believing that the truest way is to squint out the meaningless distractions and embrace the things that are pure and timeless in nature.

I also wanted to tell you that I've been a photojournalist and documentary photographer for 25 years now, so I think I'm qualified to say that your pictures of birds are among the finest I've seen anywhere and to me it's obvious that this is because you are photographing not just with your eyes, but with your soul.

Peace to you. All the best.

John Trotter Brooklyn, NY