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Been following you about via the website...a while back, perhaps when you were away there was news and photos regarding the removal of some of the spikes, that protruded into Pale Male & Lola's nest. Was that successful, did it help. would you know? Why can't they remove the other spikes, that prohibit landing near the nest, -or is that a forget about it situation- and Was Pale Male injured, when he got caught on the sharp spikes of the lower floor, the dwellers of who's name you mentioned? Was going to send them a letter, but thought better of it, in that it might have caused you trouble. Your coverage of the Riverside Park Hawks is delightful....I had one of their injured prey (a Pigeon) yesterday at my rehabbers vet in Yonkers, It is going to be I hope the Hawks will realize that there are plenty of other prey including fish down there. Thank you always for your photos, your thoughts and your dedication, no matter where your work takes you.

Meg M. (New York)


Dear Mr. Karim,

I was directed to your PaleMale and Lola website after we had a sighting of RTH's in Riverside Park. In fact, they visited the area I volunteer in; unfortunately, I only had my cell phone to take photos:

(Photos not attached)

Not great quality, but my awful technology allowed me to immortalize the hawk's visit to the area of Riverside Park I volunteer in. He was dining on a pigeon, by the way.

I enjoyed going through your site, but I take exception to some of your rhetoric. For example, if technology, urbanization, etc., are all so terrible, and you hate them so much, why don't you leave? Why do you make such obvious and extensive use of the technology you profess to hate so much?

As to the young African girl, what about the native practice of female genital mutilation? What about forcing girls to marry as children and then forcing them to bear huge numbers of children? And you seem to think that life in Africa is some sort of Eden. This is simply not the case.

I understand and appreciate nature. If I didn't, I wouldn't be out in the Park, doing my best to keep a section of NYC green and attractive to people, and wildlife. My RTH encounter is a testament to that, as are my bats, squirrels, woodpeckers, jays, cardinals (with nest and chicks), robins, and many other bird species.

Rather than spending your time and energy fighting things that you obviously buy in to (technology, the urban environment, etc.) you should use your considerable abilities and powers of language to fight real battles. Rather than rant against young Africans getting computers, you should be ranting against the ravaging of Africa with wars, mining, deforestation. You should be ranting against the deforestation of South America, and the loss of thousands of still unknown species in the process.

The Urban Environment is a given. Rather than railing against it, accept it, and be thrilled that Nature is STILL able to survive in it; this is the great thing about Nature. It will overcome all odds. The real battle is to keep the non-urbanized places intact. Denying African kids computers won't help that; in fact, it might do more harm. Given no other options at a living, people tend to lay waste to the land around them, so as to "farm" it. If they have computers, they might find some non-agricultural form of income, which might save some acres.

Just think about it.

Best Regards, Barbara XXXX ParkTender, Riverside Park


Hi Lincoln - I can't believe you followed the hawks down to the Boat Basin - my home! I'm thrilled that they were here together and that you got those shots. I was probably on my boat by then taking a nap. Thank you for these magnificent shots with the marina behind them! I'm going to email all of my neighbors at the Boat Basin.



Let alone the relatives.......(I think) of PM ........who live there.

I am holding good thoughts for PM and Lola.......and will be visiting in March........

fingers and toes crossed.......


your pictures are beyond magnificent.....words cannot describe!!

Penelope B.








HI! It is so obvious that that beautiful girl is the baby of Pale Male and Lola. I can see it with the naked eye!

I am hoping......that with all the new branches and pine-needles.......Pale Male and Lola hatch this year. However; I agree with you......what will be , will be......and 23 a huge gift to New York. And to the universe!

Thank you for the gift you give us all....



Hello L.

I have met you several times at the Hawk Bench over the years and have followed for some time now.

Last week we noticed a red tail hawk has been perching on trees with its prey in our backyard here in Larchmont, NY. We are shocked since these are not high trees and we thought these hawks liked height - which this small suburban community doesn't have.

I took a photo of the hawk yesterday. Let me know if you want me to email it to you.

Best regards - thanks for all you do -

Christina B.


I am so mad! This morning driving in to work, I was Listening to KABC Radio to the McIntyre Show, when one of the co-hosts (Debra) mentioned something about a sick bird in her household (cockatiel). Seems its her son's bird and she, her husband and older daughter can't stand the bird! Now the tiel is sick, and she was griping about having to spend money taking it to the vet. McIntyre was joking about "putting it to sleep" of "just releasing it out the window and letting nature take care of it"!

He then recounted a really disgusting story about one of the film studios (he's also a comedy writer), having a problem with some pigeons or doves (he wasn't really quite sure) that were to be released out of cages after a black tie dinner for some show. The cages were suspended above the diners up mixed with the lights. Not wanting "birds to be birds" they used "gaffers tape" to keep the birds from pooping on the diners. When they opened the cages at the end of the dinner, down rained dead birds! HE WAS LAUGHING!

KABC Radio in Los Angeles is part of the ABC Network. Let them know what you think of this disgusting behavior. Let's get Doug McIntyre off the air!:


Hello from Texas! we are going to be in NYC in March with 190 students from the Arlington High School orchestras.

We will be there March 15 - 19.

having only been to Central park once in my life, I would love to spot the hawks while there! Where is the best place to see the hawks? what section of the park is the best place to spot them?

Any help you can give would be awesome! I look at your website every day and really enjoy your spectacular pictures.

It would be the highlight of my trip to see Palemale and Lola!

Thanks for your help - Lynne


I wish I had known! I could have brought you out to Falls Church. I have red tails AND bird hawks living in my yard. The red tails will leave in early March and head elsewhere (probably to the farm land just west of here). They come every year and spend the winter terrorizing the back-yard animals. They seem to prefer eating pigeons here. I had a "conversation" with a red tail last week, but he ignored me. ;-)

Yesterday, I was home from work because of the predictions of an ice storm that didn't really materialize. I found that a bird hawk had flown into my screened-in porch and was trapped. He (?) broke the screen down on his way in. He was panicked, trying to find a way out when I saw him. I went out onto the porch, which didn't make him very happy, propped open the door, and gently told him he was safe, but asked him to leave without doing any more damage. After he eyed me (calmly) for a few minutes (we were two feet apart), he turned and left, with only one more screen hit. He soared off toward the holly trees in the back, apparently very happy to be released from his screened-in prison. I wish I had taken the time to get my camera, but I was more interested in his safety (he was flying head-first into the screen panels) than a permanent record.

Glad you found the police here friendly!


"I had two unsavory encounters with Parks Enforcement officers and Auxiliary Police officers last week in Central Park"

What was that about? I would think everyone in the Central Park hierarchy would know you by now... Appalling to think they would bother you.

I just want to tell you again what joy your photos bring me. Not just every day, but recently I broke my foot, and so am largely housebound for a month or more, so I get to enjoy the beauty and happiness of the animals through your web site. (And through the birds and squirrels who visit my deck where I have bird seed.)



Thanks so much for your splendid website. It is a godsend to see it at the end of each day. I am an education volunteer for the University of Minnesota Raptor Center. Your site is one reason to own a computer with a high res display.

Just wondering, what camera(s) and binocs do you like? I will not quote you.

I’ve worked in publishing and education for 27 years, started out wanting to be a vet, but was discouraged by a lousy professor 38 years ago. My work at The Raptor Center has allowed me to recapture some of the interests and fervor of my youth.

And your website — the photographs and comments — are simply a gift.

Many thanks,

Neil R. Minnetonka, Minnesota

Ps. Formerly employed in Manhattan 26 years ago.


Is there any news on the nest repairs? It's getting time for Palemale and Lola to mate and they have already had two years of heartbreak. Does the public need to start harassing the folks in charge of the building again?? Please let us know. It is so hard to watch as Palemale and Lola build their nest up and sit on eggs that WE know can never hatch. Why did they bother replacing the nest without doing it RIGHT?

Yvette M. Colchester, Connecticut


I live and work in Hollywood and would like to know when and where you will be when you come here. I assume you will be working the awards show. I would like to meet you and I doubt I'll be in New York in the near future.

I work at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles and turned my co-workers on to Palemale, his family and your website many years ago. We've been sharing the joys of our Central Park friends as well as the heartbreaks of empty nests and human interference.

Your photography is truly exquisite. Please take a few minutes while you are here to capture some of our creatures on film and share them with the world. We also have hawks and golden eagles.

I love that you introduce little children in the park to the joys of observing, respecting and loving all creatures. I have a great love for all critters, and am especially fascinated with birds of prey. How majestic they are!

I am including my phone numbers just in case you have a free minute or two. XXXXXXXXXX. Hope you enjoy your time here.



Thanks so much for your splendid website. It is a godsend to see it at the end of each day. I am an education volunteer for the University of Minnesota Raptor Center. Your site is one reason to own a computer with a high res display.

Just wondering, what camera(s) and binocs do you like? I will not quote you.

I’ve worked in publishing and education for 27 years, started out wanting to be a vet, but was discouraged by a lousy professor 38 years ago. My work at The Raptor Center has allowed me to recapture some of the interests and fervor of my youth.

And your website — the photographs and comments — are simply a gift.

Many thanks,

Neil R. Minnetonka, Minnesota

Ps. Formerly employed in Manhattan 26 years ago.


I read on your site that you are coming to LA (the Oscars, I presume) and thought I would hook you up with some great local birders. If you have any interest, let me know. We have a great guy named Louis who is fanatic for raptors, whenever I go out with him I see at least 6 species. One day I saw, all in the same spot, two red tails, a kestrel, and osprey and a Kite. Louis spotted all of them. (Ballona wetlands)

If not, here is the LA Audubon website, there are a number of "birdwalks" that they sponsor, they are free and fun. And almost everyone here knows you, so you might get a little birder celebrity treatment!

Since you were so kind to offer to meet me, I thought I would return the favor. However, I will be in Carmel celebrating my father's 71st birthday, so I will sadly miss your visit. If you don't hook up with anyone, the best places to go would be (I hope you have a car) Ballona wetlands, or Ballona creek it is sometimes called, mostly for shore birds and raptors, Upper Newport Bay (Orange county though). Anywhere along the coast out Malibu way is great too.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay out here, it might be a little cold and gray, but there are plenty of stinkers to see!

Safe travels,

Simone in Glendale


Your photos are unbelievable. Thank you so much for taking them, and for your talent. Every day I look at the new photos and they brighten my mood and my day.

Patricia S.


I know you probably do not have a TV, but in case you have access to one in your upcoming travels to DC and Hollow-wood, WTTW is re-running an excellent program, Raptor Force from the Nature series. You will be amazed by the thrilling video they have captured. Here are the details:

Nature: Raptor Force Airs Sunday, February 24 at 7:00 pm on WTTW11

Armed with powerful beaks and razor-sharp talons, raptors are nature's elite killing force -- predators whose graceful beauty belies their stunning speed, acrobatics and precision. The program shows why falcons, owls, eagles and hawks are masters of the sky, and why aeronautics engineers use their unique abilities and body designs as the basis of new aircraft technology.



Oh, dear, I am so sorry you have to go out of town again to help deliver what they mistakenly refer to as the news we want. Nothing is further from the truth. I would much rather see new hawk pix from you than see those candidate's faces or hear their empty and meaningless words.

Thank you so much for looking at my hawk pix. Your positive comments mean alot to me. Our air is cleaner now because the dirty, polluting factories are pretty much gone, though their remnants remain still as eyesores. Urbex photography is alive and well here! :)

I'll miss you and our beautiful feathered friends while you're away and I hope you find some new friends worthy of your camera's lens.

Take care and stay well dear Lincoln,




Hi L, didn't know which email addy to use so I sent this to both. Just wanted to say - Glad you stopped being "silent" today. It is your words that keep us in line and remind us of our true place in this world. Also, that we are NOT the superior beings.

It isn't just the pictures that I come to your site for. It is the hope, your amazing knowledge and insight, and yes, sometimes, even the despair; which at times lets me know that I am not alone in my feelings.

Don't stay silent too often. Only as much as needed for your own mental well being.

As always,
Debbie J.


Be safe our friend and please know that you are loved.

We know that you try to restrain yourself from speaking from your heart, but it really is refreshing to read such words of wisdom. You are a beautiful and unique person Lincoln and you too hold a special place in this universe.

Be safe on your travels, you will be missed. We look forward to your return and the photos of our friends Pale Male and Lola knowing that a higher power will watch over them until you return.


Sandy & Tom

GS Florida


Oh so perfectly said except for the part about putting the sprig back in your mouth! I so much prefer hearing your voice than your silence. There are no words to express my gratitude for all that you do Lincoln. While my granddaughter and I will miss our daily photographs of Palemale and Lola and all their friends, while you are away, we will miss you more. Be well and come home safely.

Love, Pat (southern New Jersey)



I've been a fan of yours for years. My friends, family and I love your beautiful photographs.

We thank you!

I recall a photo of a squirrel and a Hawk on the branch of a tree. The Hawk, with his head cocked, seams to say, well what do we have here! and the squirrel saying catch me if you can, or maybe oh XXX!.

I've spent hours trying to find that photo in your archives. Can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks so much.

Rick R.


It seems you had a VERY bad day yesterday according to your musings on your web site. I did too! One of my best programmers turned in her resignation and then the main computer got sick so I did not get home until 8 last night. It is a full moon tomorrow. So be careful.

You will find new and wonderful friends to photograph wherever you go!!! Connie


Dear dear Lincoln:

Can you please explain to me why the recent recall of "meat" is focused on the potential danger of consuming same instead of how these sentient beings have been treated?? I HATE this world. That crap dominates and wipes out the beauty that does exist - for me. Well, obviously, not completely wiped out. I heard my first cardinal yesterday morning and it was heart soothing music.

Despite all, thanks as usual for sharing your experiences.

With love, Zoë


Greeting from Rochester, Lincoln,

The attached photo is an edited camera phone picture.

In downtown Rochester, in a busy area with pedestrians --- this large red tail was on the sidewalk backed against a building, sheltered a bit by some boards. A small group was warning people not to crowd the bird. It had a large dead pigeon in its talons, and would "mantle" if people got too close. It clearly wasn't going to leave its lunch behind.

Animal Control had been called to protect the bird from the people, but I don't know what happened.

It certainly was a strange sight to see on a downtown sidewalk.

Your site it the first I look at everyday. I love when the page opens and there are big eyes looking at me.

Sharon I. Rochester, NY


This article made me think of you and red tail your friends. Ashland City is just outside Nashville. Note in the article that there are now 115 eagle nestings in Tennessee vs. one in 1983. Amazing. And of course you have photoed them in Central Park.

All the best – Jim

James B. Nashville TN


Dearest L,

You mentioned you had gotten quite sick due to overextending with so heavy a workload plus getting over to Central Park to our beloved Pale Male & Lola.

I've noticed that your postings have been from a week ago so I'm assuming you may still be under the weather & "laying low".

Just want you to know I'm thinking of you. Love the photo of the sweet raccoon peeking with such liquid eyes from his/her tree home.

Love & Hugs, Janice


After being missing a week, Droopy showed up with an injured foot, her left rear, which she is dragging. She may be reaching the end of her time in the park, as I have been feeding her about 3 years, and I've never fed a squirrel longer than that.

There is a squirrel in the Pinetum/Locust Grove area which is blind in one eye.

The last 2 times in the park, I saw a red breasted nuthatch at the Contemplation Bench; she is much tinier than the White Breasted.

Best, Judy


I am sure you are aware of the “fake birds” that have been put up at key perch points in the lighting fixtures above Delacorte Theater. These are favorite perches of the red-tails…do you know why these obtrusive models were put up?

Thanks. I am a big fan of the site – amazing pictures…many thanks.

Best, Brian


Thanks L, Palemale and Lola are the best love story ever.



Thank you again for putting all the best on the web. I think you might be member of the DPS. If not, you must create one of your own. Actually, I think you have ...with thousands of members. You, and your work, are a treasure.



I am glad you finally got out. I was missing those pictures. All I saw in Wisconsin was snow. It is hard to take good pictures through a window. I sat in the sun room (with no sun of course) and read and just vegged watching the snow falling. It was a really peaceful time. After 4 days, I was glad to get back to my sun and 80 degree weather.


I missed the photo updates and am glad you are back. You get the most awesome shots. This is my absolute favorite website.

Thanks, Kate M.


I noticed that cats are not included very much in your list of Central Park animals. In my daily walks around the park I too found an absence of cats until one of my serious photo days took me to the Conservatory Garden on a rainy day. While looking for some interesting shots I found two eyes looking back at me from behind the foliage. Attached is a photo of what I assume is a Conservatory Garden cat who patrols the undergrowth for tasty items. This was several years ago but I assume the keepers of the garden would consider a "garden cat" beneficial.

So perhaps you could ask the garden officials if a "garden cat" is purposely kept and document his or her duties.

Thanks for sharing your vision with us,

Paul L. Manhattan


Dear, dear Lincoln,

I have been ill for sometime & have not been able to look at your glorious pictures of Pale Male until just recently. I have some small pictures of Pale Male that I bought from you a couple of years ago & they gave me great comfort during my illness.

I was DEVASTATED when I looked at your website & saw the pictures of the horrible man attacking our beloved Pale Male! I couldn't believe my eyes & he was laughing about it...I cried & cried. We rescue all animals that we can & are sickened by this event. If the man (?) is identified, please post whatever happens to him...probably nothing, but we are praying that he is caught.

God's blessings to you for all that you do in sharing your photos, Candace Elrod


Good Morning Lincoln,

A big welcome back - we missed you. Thank you for the awesome photos, they brought a smile to my face.

One question, I did notice that there is still a large open area under the "nest structure." Wasn't there some speculation that this open area under the nest could be contributing to the eggs not hatching for Pale Male & Lola, as it could tend to cause a cooling of the eggs? I thought I had read that last year. If so, I guess the powers that be have decided not to fix the wrongs they initiated.

I hope you are well.

Feel our love,

Sandy & Tom




Suntree area in Brevard County (East Coast) Florida...

One of our Sand Hill Crane couples recently had an exciting addition to their family. When they built their nest near the water's edge it immediately drew attention of passers by. Soon there were two eggs sitting on top of the nest and the mother on top of them.

Those of us who were really curious passed by the site every morning and we would stop our cars to get out and see if there were any new cranes yet. Many brought cameras of all shapes and sizes and would stand near the water for long periods of time hoping to catch a photo of the hatching.

Robert Grover, a dentist, didn't actually catch the birth but, he sure did capture some fabulous shots of the Momma, Papa and baby (the second egg never hatched). Then he put together a slide show with music that is just beautiful.

Sent with love, Barb Windsor, CT



My name is Christina Gould and I am a first-year yearbook adviser at a California middle school (Gavilan View Middle School, Salinas, California). Our school mascot is the hawk. I was doing an internet search recently to get more information on hawks for use in the yearbook when I came across your picture. It is by far the best picture of a hawk that I have ever seen on the internet. I was wondering if there was any way you might give us permission to use it in our yearbook this year? I've never made this kind of a request before so I don't know the proper protocols, but I sure would appreciate your help and consideration.

If you need additional information, please reply. I check my email quite regularly.

Thank you, Christina G.


Miss you, Lincoln! But we understand....all of us who look for your wonderful Pale Male postings each day. But when your work keeps you soooooo busy, we understand. Don't like it, but understand.

Love, Janice


For many years I have looked at the Pale Male sight in awe of the beautiful photos, I just noticed the Eagles you saw in Iowa. Next time you are out in the Midwest you must do yourself a favor and try to go Wabasha, MN. And see the NEC. I am a member and here is a link to it. I am not able to travel as much as I would like but I got to see it several years ago and they have just dedicated a new facility this past fall. To stand so close to a live Eagle was the most awe inspiring thing I had done in a long time. These most magnificent of God's creatures up close & personal is a wonder to behold. Your pictures show us all that there is still much beauty in the world.



Thank you for your response.

Today my mother in-law said she saw a hawk sitting on my terrace. I find it amazing that he would come to visit again. We are so lucky!

As for the object I was referring to hanging from Stinker's beak, it was a tiny, clear solid object hanging from his beak, which I assumed to be an icicle.


You really must be busy if you didn't have time to share. I am going to WI to visit tomorrow. I will see if I can find anything different to capture in pictures but what bird would be out in the wind chill of -22! Connie